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Friday 29th July 2011

  • Congestion, indigestion and nervous upsets are all related
  • Digestive health and why bees are to thank
  • Get a flatter holiday stomach!

As I write the whole of the north of England is sitting in a traffic queue waiting for an accident to be cleared from the Avonmouth bridge on the M5.

It happens every year around this weekend.

As soon as the he kids break up from school there's a headlong rush to the beaches and cream teas of the South West.

This brings everyone past our door on the main motorway south.

All it takes is one wayward caravan to scupper a major road artery.  Three lanes of fast-flowing traffic quickly becomes a stodgy, hot and sweaty mass of anger.

 "How much longer, Dad?"..."Why aren't we moving?"..."Is there another way?"
Sadly there is no escape. Just a long wait.

Eventually the traffic clears and slow progress is made; but not until everyone's holiday has begun badly and nerves are severely jangled.

Why have I turned into the traffic reporter for BBC South West I hear you cry?

Well it's all to do with your guts.

I can't think of a better analogy for what your poor digestive system is going through than to compare it with the M5 at the start of the holiday season.

The Dark Path

The whole digestive system is a fascinating, if slightly unglamorous, subject.

For instance just consider the fact that it represents an open tube running right through you. Twenty eight meters of it!

It is essentially the outside within you.

Being British, we do not share the interest in the workings of our food-processing mechanism that our near neighbours in France do.  Consideration for all things excretory is virtually a national pastime in Gaul it seems.

However, they have got a perfect solution to problems with 'Tummy Traffic' as I now call it; a brilliant French product called Propargile

This combines some of the finest natural health products available to dramatically improve your inner workings.
Propolis: This is Mother Nature's own disinfectant.  Produced by bees for disinfecting the hive before the queen lays her eggs, it produces an anaesthetic which is more powerful than cocaine (without the side effects and the criminal record).  This offers significant relief to heartburn and colitis sufferers.

Pollen: Often derided because of the impact it has on hay fever sufferers, pollen actually has significant healthy properties: it is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and prebiotics providing intestinal wellbeing. It also has a purifying effect and when taken orally like this it won't give you hay fever.

Clay: (or Argile as our French friends call it)Taken internally, clay acts as a powerful magnet for all waste products in the digestive system (the stomach, the colon and the liver). It contributes to what the French rather poetically call "excellent evacuation"!  By eliminating dead cells and activating the growth of new, healthy ones the gut is regulated and rejuvenated.

Propargile isn't just a blockage remover though, it can also help you achieve the perfect beach body.

Now before anyone starts to write in to complain, I am not suggesting that it is going to instantly turn a man of my age and shape into an Adonis...whatever my dreams may be.

No, by helping improve gut transit and reduce bloating Propargile has been shown to help give you a flatter stomach.

Trials have showed that 86% of people quickly recovered the feeling of a flatter stomach and 75% reported a significant reduction in intestinal discomfort as a result of taking it.

In addition it has been shown to help with the following digestive problems:

  • Flatulence
  • Heartburn
  • Slow digestion
  • Bloating
  • Chronic intestinal infections
  • Colitis

In fact, clay has been proven to be so effective at eliminating toxins from the body that the Japanese have been buying huge quantities after the fallout from the Fukushima disaster.  Ghislaine Gerber, the president of Laboratoire Hollistica which makes Propargile told me that it was becoming increasingly hard to get the clay due to the demand of the Japanese.  (I ordered as much as I could for the Good Life Shop before prices go up.)

Why a little assistance can ease the tension

Despite our best intentions, we all suffer from the sins of our diet.

Every so often a Sunday lunch blowout leaves you feeling a little overfull, maybe even with a touch of heartburn...

...it might well be that last year's figure-hugging swimsuit is revealing a little too much overhang at the waist...
...or, even that the lingering effects of one of the winter stomach bugs hasn't fully resolved itself.

Well, a 28 day course of Propargile should set things straight, and put everything back in order.

If you are about to venture out on the roads heading for a well-deserved break, I sincerely wish you a joyous holiday away from it all.

But don't miss out on the chance to get this effective and natural solution before you go.  There may not be a lot you can do about the motorway blockages, but at least you can keep your internal transit system running smoothly & effectively.

Yours as always,


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