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Sunday 29 July 2012

I’m sitting in my study and squirming like a toddler on Christmas morning, I’m that excited.

Today is a real big news day for me, and hopefully for you too.

In this letter you will discover the truth behind a national health disaster plus you’ll also find out just how easy it is to use a wholly natural product to avoid the impact of cardiovascular disease...and finally a completely safe way to avoid the hated statins that I have railed against for so long.

You see, my devoted research has paid dividends in so many ways and I can finally reveal to you the most remarkable health story I have ever been able to break.

You may recall that back in April I told you about my trip to London to visit the Natural Health and Food Show at Olympia.

I explained that I had spoken to someone who had opened my eyes to something revolutionary, but completely natural. Something that I had been searching for ever since I found out about the impact statins were having on our nations health.

I wanted a completely safe and easy alternative, and that’s what I found.

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But I wasn’t going to be hasty; I knew something this big needed to be properly researched.

As a result I have been working my way through many scientific research pieces, scouring lots of journals and been on the hunt for any information I can lay my hands to.

I have e-mailed and spoken to eminent researchers and scientists in the UK, US, Australia and Italy, and it is only now that I am sure of my facts, and so can share the secret with you.

Let me tell you all about it then.

Metabolic Syndrome – the killer waiting for all of us

For many of us we are walking towards a health time bomb that is part genetic, part lifestyle and part dietary.

It is no use denying it...the seeds of our downfall are sown throughout our lives.

Recent research shows that the UK is home to some of Europe’s most sedentary adults, and we already know that our diet isn’t great.

So what is in store for us as a result?

Well it happens to be a health triad which really puts our hearts under pressure – high cholesterol makes us more susceptible to furred up arteries, high blood pressure makes the heart work much harder and high blood sugar levels making our hearts less efficient.

The combination of hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol levels in the blood), hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes has doctors reaching for their prescription pads across the country every day.

Metformin and pioglitazone for the diabetes, ACE inhibitors, diuretics and beta blockers for the blood pressure and my personal bête noire statins for the cholesterol are given out like sweeties up and down the country.

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The problem is that this cocktail of drugs is not without its problems.

I have written extensively about statins before, suffice to say that they are one drug I would actively avoid if I could.

There are natural alternatives such as grapefruit and red rice yeast, and they certainly have their part to play.

But ladies and gentlemen I have discovered the real daddy of natural products when it comes to dealing with any or all three of the conditions which contribute to metabolic syndrome.

From a beautiful corner of Italy’s Calabrian region comes a bitter orange known as Bergamot – and this is the secret I discovered on that grey day in April when I was knee deep in over enthusiastic sales people and their own pet remedies.

Sitting quietly in a rather non-descript corner was the lovely Australian lady who has launched a product into the UK based upon the Bergamot orange. I knew as soon as I caught her eye that she had something good.

Little did I realise just how good.

The power of a bitter Italian orange

What she told me was just the thing I had hoped to hear from somewhere at the show.

I had already waded through a sea of magnets, activated cherry juice and vitamin supplements but here was something that really was worth shouting about.

The thing was that she knew this, but her quiet and natural presentation told me that she wasn’t interested in any stack it high sell it cheap approach. She had nurtured this project for several years and only wanted to share it with those who would appreciate what they had.

I knew that each and every one of you would understand this straight away.

The product is called BergaMet and has only just launched here, although it has been on sale in Australia, Italy and the USA for longer.

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So what does this fantastic fruit have going for it?

Well, it acts like a natural statin without any side effects even though it disrupts the same biochemical pathway to cholesterol production that the evil drug does.

You see it does it in a slightly different way, affecting a different part of the cycle and by doing so it actually means that you can even take it alongside statins if you are already on them.

But the power of citrus bergamot doesn’t end there.

It also increases the uptake of glucose by cells thus removing it from the blood where it causes the symptoms and associated problems of diabetes.

The benefits of taking this supplement are summarised by Dr Ross Walker and Australian Cardiologist who has been involved with trials and now actively prescribes BergaMet to his patients:

‘Typically, there is around a 30% reduction in total cholesterol, somewhere between 35-40% reduction in LDL cholesterol & triglycerides, upto 40% increase in HDL cholesterol, along with a 20-30% reduction in blood glucose levels & an associated improvement in HbA1C, the best indicator of long term diabetic control. There are also variable benefits in blood pressure control & weight loss, in particular reductions in abdominal obesity.’

His final statement probably sums up the case for everyone taking this powerful supplement:

‘The evidence to date clearly supports the statement that BergaMet is the most powerful, natural agent for the management of lipid disorders.’

There is loads more information, details about the clinical trials and how you can order your own supply of pure, natural and safe BergaMet here – click for details.

You see I told you I had really good news for you, hopefully I didn’t disappoint.

Until next Friday, arrivederci as my new Italian friends would say...

Yours, as always













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