Aspartame dangers could the devil be in your diet drink?


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29th August 2010

  • Did you know that you consume the product
    of an industrial accident everyday?
  • Find out the best ways to avoid poisoning
  • Aspartame dangers what is REALLY lurking in that toxic fizz?

 I love big family occasions. Seeing old aunties and sharing
a beer or two with my uncles.

There comes a point in your life when you are accepted
into their adult life and conversation - rather than just
being "Our Jean's Eldest", you get asked your opinion.

Well, you know about me and my opinions.

The big shock for me was to find out that my family were
poisoning themselves.
It was the morning after my cousin's wedding reception,
and we were gathered at my aunt Patricia's house,
nursing hangovers and cups of coffee.
As I slipped half a teaspoon of brown sugar into my cup, I
was shocked to see that few were interested in my ancient
method of sweetening a drink.
Almost everyone over the age of 40 dug into their pockets
or handbags...and whipped out tiny plastic cylinders.
With nimble thumbs, they each pumped a couple of
sweeteners into their drinks and sat back in satisfaction.
"Are you all mad?" I blurted. "What's sugar ever done to
hurt you that you want to fill your bodies with
"Aspartame?" said Uncle Pete, peering at his dispenser,
"this one's called 'Canderel".
"You should be careful with these artificial sweeteners," I
"See what Ray's like these days," said Lara, "he's
Everyone began to laugh.
But I was deadly serious.
Aspartame dangers you can't afford to ignore

Aspartame was once considered a miracle alternative to
It was discovered by accident in 1965 by a chemist called
James M Schlatter. At the time he was trying to produce
an antiulcer drug for the pharmaceutical giant, G.D Searle
& Co.
When he accidentally licked his finger, he discovered that
the chemical he had just concocted was very sweet.
In fact, aspartame is 180 times sweeter than sugar. But
because you need such a tiny quantity to sweeten the
taste of something, it has hardly any calories.
You can imagine the dollar signs rolling over the eyes of
Searle's directors at the news...
A sweetener that doesn't make you fat!
After some years in development, aspartame began to
take over the world.
These days it's used in diet drinks, crisps, sweets, 'sugar
free' chewing gum, processed meals, ice cream and even
It would be considered the best food invention since sliced
bread... if it were not for one tiny drawback...
It's poisonous.

A roll call of sweet misery

While the corporations that produce sweeteners have tried
to quash the evidence, aspartame stands accused of
causing 92 health problems.
They include:
Abdominal pain, anxiety attacks, arthritis, asthma,
breathing difficulties, chest pains, chronic coughs, chronic
fatigue, confusion, depression, headaches, heart
palpitations, hypertension, impotency, insomnia,
irritability, memory loss, muscle spasms, nausea, rashes,
tinnitus and vision problems.
Worse still, in 1995, the US health authorities discovered
that aspartame could cause symptoms similar to multiple
sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.
Known as 'Aspartame Disease', it's also suspected of
causing brain cancer, chronic fatigue and epilepsy.
Quite a roll call of misery, isn't it?
The big cover up

At this point in my rant, my Uncle Pete boomed, "Ray, I've
heard of this aspartame thing. It's an urban legend."
"The corporations behind aspartame make BILLIONS in
profits," I said, "so they spend a lot of energy trying to get
you to THINK that."
By this point, two relatives had started chatting about
curtains, and two doubters had left the room, but I was on
a roll.
"The evidence has been around since 1980, but powerful
American politicians have stamped it into the ground."
I began to tell a typical tale of modern politics...
The first tests on aspartame suggested it might cause
brain tumours in rats.
For this reason, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
did not approve it as a food additive.
Then in 1981, President Reagan appointed an FDA
commissioner who'd be a little more sympathetic to
By 1983, they'd approved aspartame for fizzy drinks and
baked goods... by 1993 it could go in sweets... and by
1996, it could go into ANY foods at all.
Could some of this approval in have been anything to do
with Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense and close
ally of the Bush family?
Well, as you know, I'm no conspiracy theorist...
But Rumsfeld was Chief Executive Officer, President, and
then Chairman of Searle, the company who made
aspartame, from 1977 until 1985.
So aspartame has some friends in pretty high places.
Worse still, scientific studies are often distorted by the big
pharmaceutical companies.
For example, in 1996, the American programme '60
Minutes' looked at 164 studies into aspartame.
The 74 funded by NutraSweet found NO bad effects.
But a shocking 83 out of 90 studies by INDEPENDENT
researchers found health problems!

Even our own Food Standards Agency has begun to take
note of these health concerns, and has launched a trial in

The results are due in 2011, but I don't think we will hear
the full story as Andrew Wadge, Chief Scientist at the
Food Standards Agency, said:

'This research is not to test the safety of aspartame - that
is already established. The study will address consumer
concerns, including anecdotal reports that have linked a
range of conditions to aspartame.'

Doesn't that make you worried?

Here is the man charged with making sure our food is
safe, and he says that aspartame is safe. NO IT ISN'T.

And then he describes anecdotal reports......... maybe he
only had access to the industry funded information. THIS

Here comes the science bit

Aspartame is made up of three chemicals: aspartic acid,
phenylalanine, and methanol.
None of them are particularly helpful in large doses.
Larger than normal amounts of Aspartic Acid can kill
neural cells in the brains of those most susceptible...
especially infants, children and the elderly.
Phenylalanine decreases the amount of serotonin in the
brain, causing emotional disorders and depression.
Finally, methanol is wood alcohol, which is a deadly
When aspartame is heated, it releases 'free methanol'.
This breaks down into formic acid and formaldehyde in the
Yup, that's right... FORMALDEHYDE.
The results can cause misty vision, headaches, ear
buzzing, dizziness, nausea, and more.

What the skeptics will tell you
Now, your average skeptic will say that aspartic acid and
phenylalanine are natural and safe.
And it's true... when they are independent of each other,
But together they are toxic.
It's a bit like saying carbon monoxide is safe because all it
contains is carbon and oxygen.
A skeptic may also tell you that fruit juices and alcoholic
drinks ALSO contain small amounts of methanol.
But whenever methanol appears in natural products, it
contains a higher amount of ethanol. Ethanol is an
antidote for methanol poisoning in the human body.
This doesn't happen with aspartame.
The fact is, aspartame has a habit of converting to
dangerous by-products in the body. There is much doubt
about its safety among independent scientists and
And even last year, members of the European
Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Consumer
Policy Committee voted for a full re-evaluation of
So what do you think?

How to cut down on aspartame

While it's impossible, and unnecessary, to avoid all traces
of aspartame altogether, it's wise to cut down dramatically
on your intake.
It's the very high levels of aspartame consumed by diet
drink lovers and sweetener addicts that are the problem.
- Cut down on drinks that use sweeteners. Even with a
diet cola, you should have only the occasional drink as a
- Read the ingredients label. When it says, 'no added
sugar' or 'low calorie' is means that it has aspartame or
another sweetener.  Yes, even in fruit squash, "healthy"
fruit drinks & flavoured waters!
- Use honey as a sweetener... or just use sugar, but LESS
of it!
- Watch out for brand names of aspartame, like
NutraSweet, Canderel and Hermesetas.

And finally - Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

The weather doesn't look too promising for most of us -
there's a surprise! - but enjoy your time with friends and

Especially if they are now asking YOUR advice - make
sure to tell them to ease up on the sweetener.




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