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2nd November  2009

  • You'll get over it...

  • If you suffer from panic attacks, you MUST read 

  • How to enjoy your Halloween chocolate guilt free

A few years back, my Mum made an amazing
confession that will live with me for the rest of my life.

I wouldn't usually share something SO personal with
you (and this is really personal - something so secret it
was kept from me for thirty-odd years), but I think it
highlights a taboo that plagues many, many people who
simply don't know where to turn to.

So here goes...

Apparently, a few months after I was born, my Dad
started suffering from panic attacks. These attacks were
so severe that he was utterly convinced that he was on
the verge of dying, and that whatever was targeting him
would affect me as well.

When these attacks struck, he used to grab me out of
my cot and take me to the bottom of the garden to hide
me away. Being in the house was just too dangerous.

And eventually, the level of his attacks became so great
(and went unchecked by doctors for so long), that he
spent six months in hospital recovering. By then it
sounded like it had developed into full blown paranoia,
because he was convinced that 'they' were out to get

My dad's never told me about this, and my mum
wouldn't have either, except for one thing...

About ten years ago, I started suffering from panic
attacks. They hit me like a bolt out of the blue, and if
you've ever experienced one, you'll know how
incredibly frightening and powerful they are.

Before I had my first one, I always thought the idea of a
panic attack was something a bit comical. You
remember Dad's Army? You remember Corporal
Jones... the character who used to run up and down
shouting 'don't panic!' while he panicked?

Well I thought THAT was a panic attack. Something
that could be sorted out with a stiff talking to or a slap
round the face.

And in the days when my Dad had them, I'm guessing
the common 'remedy' was pretty much the same.

And to tell you the truth, things hadn't improved a lot
when I started suffering...

"You'll get over it..."

Like I said, when the first when struck I seriously
thought I was dying. And over the next few days as
more and more hit me, I though the end was nigh.

So, for once, I RUSHED to my doctor, explaining how
close to death I was.

To be fair, the doctor's initial response was good. He
referred me to specialist departments at the local
hospital, where I was hooked up to various machines
and checked out for heart problems, for the onset of
brain tumours, for EVERYTHING.

But it was after they'd ruled out anything 'serious' that
the problems started...

Basically, once they'd decided I wasn't dying, they
offered no more help. Not out of spite obviously (I
mean I don't think I acted like Sid James while I was on
the ward), but I think that mainstream medicine had just
come to a dead end.

They didn't even offer me drugs that I could have
turned down. It was more a case of 'well you're not
dying, so just go home and ignore it'.

Now, back when I thought panic attacks were of the
Corporal Jones variety, I would have thought fair
enough. But if you've ever had the misfortune to suffer
a panic attack, you'll know how serious they are.

It feels far more than a 'state of mind'. You really think
you're about to keel over dead. Your heart starts racing,
your vision blurs, you get dizzy, you become a wreck.

If only I'd had access to the following amazing remedy
back then...

If you suffer from panic attacks, you MUST read

This is going to take you maybe three minutes to read.

But if you suffer from panic attacks, it could change
your life forever.

I won't go into too much detail here, because I don't
want to miss out anything important. I REALLY want
you to read this yourself:

Panic Away

I don't usually nag, but....

Don't hesitate, don't read this later... read this NOW.

If you've ever suffered from panic attacks, or you know
someone who does, you'll know what a long, arduous
slog it can be to overcome them and keep them under

This one idea lets you do just that - very, very quickly
- without drugs.

Like I said, I could write page after page about this,
showing you what it does and why it's so effective....

But I'd much rather you heard it from the horse's
mouth. Just have a read, because this is something that
could really help you - immediately:

Panic Away

Okay. Let's move onto something different...

How to enjoy your Halloween chocolate guilt free

For me Halloween means one thing...!

Sorry, what's that...? Witches? Oh, right, I suppose so...

Pumpkins? Hmmm, yeah, I guess...

But what I was thinking of was chocolate. I'm been
haunted by all those ghoulish chocolates in the
supermarkets for weeks now, but before I plough in and
buy anything, I always make sure I follow this

- Enjoy dark, organic chocolate - as with
  most foods, the more the original has been
  tampered with, the worse it will become. So
  chose a chocolate that come closest to its
  raw state (unprocessed cacao).

- Avoid chocolate made from milk or milk
- adding milk to the chocolate
  process can diminish the antioxidant
  benefits you can enjoy with pure chocolate.

- Select chocolate with low sugar content  -

  you really don't need added sugar; pure
  chocolate is sweet enough. It is. Really!
  Even for me!

- NO High-fructose corn syrup
  - this nasty
  contains no enzymes, vitamins or minerals,
  and leeches micronutrients from your body.
  Not nice eh? So check the label and make
  sure none of the stuff is in your bar.

And obviously...

- NO Artificial sweeteners.

Okay, that's it for this week. I'll be back next week for
more advice, opinions and ideas to keep you fit, healthy
and happy.

PS Seriously, read this now:

Panic Away

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