How a double dose of lemon will change your life 

Sunday 30 June 2013 

At the moment everyone is talking about how to get the perfect summer body and live in a clean and tidy house.

Diet plans, cleaning regimes and decorating tips fill magazines across the land...

...and it has set me thinking.

As you know I have been a little worried about my waistline and have a plan running to drop a few inches before my annual holiday come around.

But, with my publisher away on holiday I think I may be in a position to make you an incredible offer.

I want to offer you something which has the potential to impact on you, your family and your home – a chance to detox your life in fact.

Let me explain.

A double boost to your life

How about if I were to give you something for free?

Something that showed you how to improve your health, relieve stress, clean your home, repel insects, enhance your looks and even slow down the ageing process.

You would have to say yes – wouldn’t you?

If on top of that I introduced you to an entirely natural way to promote a subtle change in your metabolism that meant you would loose weight quicker than ever before, surely you would want to know more?

What could be a better way to kick start your summer than this? A health boost, lose a few pounds and find out why so many people have been amazed by the hundreds of ways a lemon can improve your life.

Click here to grab a bargain before my publisher returns and puts a stop to this offer!

Here’s the reasons why you should.

Lemon Juice Diet Capsules

Basically, a lemon is packed full of Vitamin C – in fact, it is the most potent of all fruits.

This means they are a great way to ward off colds, but more importantly at the moment they have also been shown, in a survey by Arizona State University, to improve digestive efficiency and improve weight loss as a result.

The survey showed that where high levels of vitamin C were present in blood plasma then waist sizes were smaller, because body fat is more easily liberated when the vitamin is present – hence lemon juice earning the moniker of being a ‘Fat Buster’.

The second bit of magic in this fruit is actually in the zest, or the skin. It is called pectin and is a fairly complex protein, however, in the gut it turns into a gel which slows down the rate at which food passes along and keeps us feeling fuller, plus it slows down the rate of sugar uptake.

The result of this is that we eat less, and are able to get more nutritional benefit from the food we eat.

Lastly, there is the real benefit of lemons, but it is also the cause of its health downfall for many people. Not that there is anything dangerous within it you understand, just the fact that lots of people just don’t like lemons.

The reason is huge amounts of citric acid, which is responsible for the sharp/sour taste of the fruit, and this can often put folk off.

With the highest concentration of all fruits (about 7-8% of each lemon is citric acid) lemons are a fantastic source of this vital compound.

It works to improve your health through a complex interaction with other acids and enzymes to ensure healthy and problem-free digestion by stimulating stomach juices.

So, it isn’t some strange kind of witchcraft that makes lemons so effective at helping you lose weight, the fact they improve your metabolism, slow the uptake of sugars and reduce your appetite makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

But avoiding the chore of liquidising lemons every morning and the facial gurning that would follow from drinking the puree, taking a daily dose of Lemon Juice Diet Capsules will provide you with everything that you need.

Have a look at more information here

The Lemon Book

I wrote this back in 2007 and it has remained as one of the most popular books I have ever written – with people being very kind about how it has shown them simple and effective ways to use everyday lemons to improve their lives;

"Hi Ray, I keep reading your Lemon Book over and over as there is so much good info to read. Everything is written in laymans language and is a pleasure to read. Tom Dooley, Hants"

"Hi Ray, I read your lemon book with interest, I have tried out some of the tips lemon in the microwave and cleaning the windows, for example, the stings one also sounds useful as well and I now start my day with a cup of hot water, with lemon in.

There are lots of good and useful tips written and presented in a pleasant, citrusy and zestful way. Very good little book, I only wish I'd thought of writing it!! Best Wishes John McLelland"

Plus a chance for even further money saving... actually having to do less.

Sorry of this all sounds a bit convoluted, but the offer is really simple.

For the next fortnight if you buy a pack of Lemon Juice Diet Capsules you will get a copy of The Lemon Book absolutely FREE with your first order.


...if you select the Regular Saver option you will save 1/3 of the price for the capsules – and this will ensure that you receive a regular supply every month.

The book normally sells for £9.95 so if you also use the Regular Saver option on the Lemon Juice you will save over £20 on the combined pack...

...This offer will save you pounds in both meanings of the word.

Now that has to be a better offer than anything you will find in the newsagents this weekend.

Make sure you get your order in before the offer HAS to close at midnight on Friday 12th

Yours, as always











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