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The Good Life Letter
30th July 2010

  • The quick way to pack for holidays
  • Discover the secret way to better skin
  • Mother knows best!

Pommade Divine: and Beauty

Admit it. You always pack too much for a holiday, don't

Are you one of those who prays that their cases are not
overweight at the airport?

But it's not just clothes and shoes which cause a problem;
it's all the other stuff you need to take.

There's proper tea bags (always a must for a Collins
family holiday), books, batteries, mobile phone chargers...
and the entire contents of the first aid kit.

Away from our placid lands, foreign trips are fraught with
all sorts of risks. There are things that bite, things that
sting and a whole heap of things that cut and graze.

If you listened to the TV ads, or looked at the shelves at
your local pharmacy you might be forgiven for thinking
that some sort of health war zone awaits you, rather than
the perfect holiday.

With all the pills, creams, sprays and rubs on offer you
would challenge your luggage allowance trying to stop
mosquito bites alone!

No matter what you do one of the little blighters always
gets through anyway.

They always bite an area which will be rubbed by a watch
or a shoe when you get back home. An irritating

When this happens I always reach for one of my mother's
secret weapons.

Pommade Divine: and Beauty

Mother's natural marvel

You and I both know that we should have listened to our
mothers more than we did.

In the case of this one though, I did listen to mum and
always had a tube to hand.

And it is always one of the first things I pack now - even if
we are just off to Cornwall for a few days.

We don't need to pack after-sun, lip salve, insect bite
cream, antibacterial cream or skin lotion.  Just the one
tube of Pommade Divine and we're good to go.

If you are packing at the moment, you might like to think
about the advantages of taking this easy, natural route to
first aid and skin care.

There is even a gift set available which includes a cooling
cucumber foot lotion, lavender hand and nail cream and a
rather lovely smelling body lotion - so it might just save
you having to bring any presents back as well!

Pommade Divine: and Beauty

Letting you in on the secret

When something has been around for over 200 years you
would think everyone would know about it wouldn't you?

Not so, this product has remained a closely guarded secret
by those in the know - and it's only just recently that
more people have begun to find out about it.

Let me explain.

Lots of early Victorians made their own version of this one
stop wonder balm, but the most effective was made by a
family company - Butler & Co. This became the best
known and was widely stocked.  Until big business got its
claws into the family firm and bought them out.

But, as is often the case, they didn't invest in promotion
or distribution - and the product ceased production.

Anybody else think this might be because they could make
bigger profits from 'newer' products? Call me a cynic, but
can you see the trend for hiding good, proven and natural
solutions to health problems, and pushing the big
company products?

History will bear me out in this.

How many times do we see good natural remedies being
hidden to make way for corporate greed?

In this case there has been a fight back!

The good news is that a family with firsthand knowledge
of its amazing properties were able to buy back the rights,
and have been making it in small quantities.

Pommade Divine contains only natural ingredients:

* Benzoin - The effect it has on the skin is to
improve elasticity, helping cracked skin, while
aiding the healing of sores and wounds and at
the same time reducing redness, irritation and
itching. Benzoin oil's greatest benefit lies in that
it has a calming effect on the nervous system,
a warming effect on circulation problems and a
toning effect on the respiratory tract.
* Cinnamon -  a natural anti-bacterial and anti-
fungal agent

* Clove -  a strong antiseptic

* Nutmeg - (I could write a whole letter on the
benefits of nutmeg) Relaxant, anti
inflammatory, antiseptic & bactericide. Use it
on rheumatic pain, neuralgia and sciatica.
Nutmeg oil is also effective in treating
menstrual cramps, muscular and joint pain as it
is an excellent sedative.

* Storax - Harvested in forests in Turkey, is has
calming properties

* Arachis - a wild plant from South America
which softens and soothes skin

Pommade Divine really is Mother Nature's first aid kit.

It's fantastic on bruises, especially for those with frail skin
and is so gentle it can be used to treat nappy rash. A true
cradle to grave cure all.

It is a secret remedy that has loads of sports and celebrity
followers. The England rugby international Josh Lewsey
says "When your occupational hazard is to get beaten up
on a weekly basis, it is vital to look after your body. It is
no coincidence that some of the best remedies are the
most traditional". He'd better stock up before the next
game against Wales then!

We've used it to treat sunburn, bites and stings, burns
and bruises, sore muscles, dry skin & spots.  I can't think
of many things it doesn't help. I have a friend who suffers
from psoriasis who uses it - not as a cure, but to calm
flare ups.  Mum even knows a lady who uses it on her

It's amazing to think that with so many uses and loyal
followers it is still a secret.

Don't let this amazing product remain a secret any longer
- try it out now.

Pommade Divine: and Beauty



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