Try to avoid the obvious jokes about massage – just feel the real benefit of a professional home massager

Sunday 30th Sept 2012

If there is one topic that is guaranteed to get people sniggering, then it is massages.

Every time I discuss the truly beneficial impact of having a deep tissue massage I get a chorus of innuendo and downright smut by way of return.

You would think that the only type of massage ever offered was that by ladies of the night, however there is so much more to it than that.

The earliest written document about the healing power of massage and the art of massage therapy dates back to 3000BC. Written by Cong-Fu of the Toa-Tse in China it was later translated into French in the 1700’s AD.
In India around 1800BC they were writing about Ayur-Veda which is a code of life dealing with rebirth, renunciation, salvation, soul, purpose of life, maintenance of mental health, prevention and treatment of diseases, and very much utilises the skills of massage therapy within it.

And so it goes on through time and every major civilisation, the Romans and their gladiators, the Greeks and preparations for the first Olympics, through to the more modern era where science begins to explore the effects of massage techniques.

Injured soldiers from World War I were treated and rehabilitated using Swedish massage techniques, which strikes me as a sign that this therapy really had entered the mainstream.

Today the various forms of therapeutic massage are regulated by various professional bodies and accredited training programmes.

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So having established that massage therapy has a big part to play in keeping us healthy, I need to tell you about my recent experiences.

More than just a rub down with a damp edition of the Sporting Life

As you know I’m a martyr to a few aches and niggles from my long and illustrious (!) rugby career – something I very rarely mention...

Well, every few months I book myself in with a big lad in Cardiff and get a good deep tissue massage.

This is part therapy, part healing and a whole lot of him digging thumbs, elbows and knees into various bits of my shoulders, neck and back.

I’m convinced at one stage he was actually taking a run up to flatten some of my spasming back muscles.

“Looks like you’ve had the Boy Scouts in doing knot practice,” is one of his regular quips I have to endure.

Anyway I called him a few weeks ago and was very disappointed to learn that he had taken a role up with the British Olympic Association and would be following a group of runners on their training programmes around the world.

Bugger! What was I going to do now?

I was a bit loathe to begin searching for masseurs on the internet as I was scared about what I might find, and knew if I mentioned it in the snug of the Nags Head I would be treated to a night of schoolboy tittering!

The thing was, I felt that I needed someone who could really get amongst the tense and tight muscles rather than a gentle pamper massage, and I didn’t know where to turn until I happened upon a Chiropractor from Australia on the internet.

He was being very effusive about a range of high quality massagers that were being used by his colleagues both in Oz and in the UK – I decided to find out more.

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A massage message from Down Under

When I enquired about these powerful personal massagers I was really interested to receive this by reply:

“My name is Graeme Blennerhassett, a Chiropractor in Australia and I want to introduce you to the very best professional massage machines.

“Perhaps I'd better explain. You may wonder why a practitioner such as myself (20 years) started to have massagers built. We started a few years ago because we had no practical way to handle our patients with chronic myofascial issues who needed extensive soft tissue work repeated lots of times.

“A large number of visits to a masseur in addition to myself was not practical so I found that I was just doing the high priority soft tissue work, and even this was not repeated often enough to create quality lasting changes.

“We looked at having patients do supplementary work at home under our advice with hand held massager units.

The machines available for patients to use at home weren’t really suitable so we took the rather adventurous step of finding a manufacturer and having some built, but it’s turned out fine. In Australia lots of practices have the same issues, and the massagers turned out so well those practitioners like using them too.”

Basically he wanted to offer his product through professional chiropractic and osteopathic clinics in the UK, however he has agreed that The Good Life Letter ticks all of the necessary boxes for him to supply us – and therefore make this professional quality product available to you.

Don’t think this is a little buzzing block like a wood sanding machine though - these are really powerful and weighty pieces of kit, with good long handles.

Have a look at the unique design of these powerful home massagers

This means that you can set them to work on your back and shoulders without having to apply any additional pressure, just move them over those tired and stiff muscles and let the specially designed head do its job at getting rid of those tight spots.

These really are professional quality massagers, but are entirely safe for you to use at home as they allow you to control the speed and vigour of the application to suit your comfort and are very simple to operate, plus they have a full set of instructions for use.

Even if you are currently being treated by a chiropractor or osteopath they should have no issue with you using these machines.

I love the machine I bought from him, and so does Lara who claims to enjoy the double benefit of easing her own aches and pains whilst at the same time getting relief from me whinging on about my ailments.

Whinging indeed, that woman knows how to hurt the pride of a man!

Yours, as always










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