As a middle-aged man, this book is my new bible

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30th September 2018

Do you have one of those ‘anything goes’ drawers?

You know…

A drawer that you shove things into when you can’t think where else to put them?

They’re usually stuffed with old mobile phones, out of date bank cards, cables, crumpled Euros, 1p coins, and random bits of paper.

Anyway, I was clearing mine out the other day and I found a picture of myself aged 21, in a rugby kit,
I thought two things…

“Look at all the hair!”


“Ah, the joy of life before the prostate became a thing to worry about.

It’s true though…

And I’m talking to my male readers here, specifically.

Back in your twenties, your life is ahead of you, and you don’t really give you health much of a thought. Everything works like it should. You go to sleep each night and you wake up the next morning refreshed.

But by the time you get to your 50s…

Well, your prostate has gone from the size of a walnut to something approaching an orange…

It swells as you age, leading to embarrassing prostate problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and poor urinary flow.

You get up to wee all the time, you start to lose your virility, you struggle at the toilet and… well… it’s one of the most horrible parts of the ageing process.

Not only that, but impotence, infections, and life-threatening diseases can be caused by a malfunctioning prostate gland.

Yet does it have to be that way?

Does your prostate have to age you prematurely, ruining your sleep, your confidence, and your love life?

Not if, like me you take some practical steps now, following the advice in this website here: how to reduce your prostate size

As a middle-aged man, this book is my new bible

I’ve had this book for over a year now, after getting some pain and irritation in my prostate, and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’ll help you

  • Shrink your swollen prostate back to normal, easing pain and discomfort

  • Get a better night’s sleep without getting constantly to go to the toilet.

  • Restore your urinary flow with hesitation and dribbling.

  • Rejuvenate your love life and restore your physical confidence

  • Avoid serious prostate disease including a special formula from Vietnam that shows great results in published studies

  • Banish symptoms of chronic prostatitis in just 8 weeks.

  • Get picture-perfect PSA levels! New breakthroughs look set to make drugs hopelessly obsolete!

  • Diagnose potential problems earlier so you can go to your doctor sooner, and ask the right questions when you’re there.

Used alongside other treatments, these could significantly alleviate symptoms and help towards not only a healthier prostate, but a healthier you.

This information is essential, in my opinion, for every man over 40.

Click here to get a risk-free trial copy

Don’t be one of the under-informed

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, accounting for 25% of all new cases. But it’s shocking how under-informed many men are about their prostate.

Two thirds of British men probably couldn’t locate it on an anatomical diagram, never mind begin a health programme to keep their prostate healthy.

We all need a regular prostate examination if we’re over 40. But a lot of men have a problem going to the doctor, especially when it involves pain in their sensitive areas. 

But sometimes even when you DO see a GP with prostate pain, it can turn out that there’s no solution to the pain and swelling. There’s no magic bullet the doctor can give you to make it go away.

So you have two choices…

Live the rest of your life with discomfort, worry and embarrassment.

Or take control and deal with it.

Which is I’d urge you to read PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH: 112 Cutting-Edge Natural Solutions For BPH, Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction.

It will inform you about alternative therapies and remedies that the doctor might not tell you about. 
Here are some of the gems you’ll discover:

  • How to shrink an enlarged prostate with olive oil and drop PSA scores by 20% in three weeks.

  • Family history of prostate problems? How to beat the odds and slash your risk by 90%! The secret can be found right in your own kitchen!

  • A 10 second trick you can use every meal to lower prostate cancer risk by 34%! Amazing.

  • Why prostate problems in China are 4 times lower than those in the UK. And how you can use their secret to lower your risk.

  • How to prevent a rise in PSA levels by 63%.

  • How to switch off your body’s prostate cancer gene…with a 10p trace mineral… according to a 10-year Journal of American Medical Association study. 

  • Why watching TV can be harmful to your prostate

  • Revealed, the everyday drink that could trigger cancer growth by boosting oestrogen levels.

  • Popular prescription drugs that can ruin your sex life

  • An 80-minute impotence eliminator

  • Nature’s amazing prostate protector. Just 30mg a can help keep your prostate in perfect health.

For more details take a look at this: PERFECT PROSTATE HEALTH: 112 Cutting-Edge Natural Solutions For BPH, Prostatitis, Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction.

You’ll get a full rundown of everything you can do to keep your prostate healthy as you age, meaning better sleep, less worry and fewer toilet problems.

But if you aren’t happy with the information, or don’t find anything that works for you, then you can send it back for a refund.

So it’s worth checking out, gents!

Click here to read more.

Yours, as always




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