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Sunday 30th October 2011

  • There's competitions galore out there - get involved!
  • Prevent alzheimers with puzzles
  • Wind back the clocks and welcome winter with a smile!

Every day there are loads of free to enter competitions running in the UK. And it's been reported that puzzles help to prevent alzheimers.  

Stores, magazines, radio and TV programmes are all offering simple to win prizes which are there for the taking. The problem is you would need to spend every hour of the day trying to find them.

Well, I have started to use a free e-letter service which not only searches out the competitions for me, but also makes entering them as simple as a click on a mouse button.

It's a great way to spend a few minutes every day, and because I am entering so many competitions I will be increasing my chances of winning.

How would you like to see your postman bearing free gifts for you on the run up to Christmas? Here's how:

Competitions are a great way to keep the old grey matter ticking over as well, a fact that is heavily supported by research, mental health charities and the NHS.

Puzzles reduce Alzheimer's risk

It's true! A team at the world renowned Karolinsa Institute in Stockholm, Sweden recently showed that Alzheimer's disease develops slowly over many years before failing memory and other symptoms become apparent.

More importantly, neurologist Robert Friedland of Case Western Reserve University in Ohio states that "a lifelong commitment to intellectual activities may aid in-indeed, may even be necessary for-maintaining any protection against Alzheimer's disease accrued in early life."

All forms of leisure activities requiring mental stimulation from reading a book to playing a board game help to maintain a healthy level of brain activity.

He goes on to say "I believe they all involve learning in some way."

Personally I know just how powerful this type of activity is because of the benefits my own Dad has had from his daily crossword and jigsaw puzzles - I've even got him on his weekly competitions letter as well!

You too could be making a positive change to your mental health simply by signing up for your weekly competition service - take the hassle out of entering by clicking here:

There are many reasons why you should sign up, and absolutely no downsides at all - you get a free weekly service, help in entering where you need it and all for ZERO cost.

That's right this really is something for nothing (and that's not something you get often these days!)

Tick tock, don't forget the clocks!

I hope you all remembered to put the clocks back. 'Tis the season of long dark nights and short days from now on!
If you haven't done the right thing and ordered your own personal sunlight lamp you need to act quickly now - because there are only a few left in stock and we can't get any more such is the demand.

Do the right thing now to avoid the debilitating effects of seasonal affected disorder (SAD) which affects over 500,000 people in the UK alone each year - get your own light relief here:

Well that's all for this week, I hope those of you who have had the kids at home have made use of the last holiday before the Christmas break.

Remember to get your name down for a little light entertainment - either to combat SAD or to keep yourself happy with a winning and healthy mentality

Yours as always,







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