No Mr Bond, I expect you to fry!

The Good Life Letter 

30th October 2015

  • Discover the evil plans of a dangerous criminal mind
  • Could you be a pawn in the grand plan of evil deeds?
  • Are Bacon, ham and sausages really all that bad for your health?
OK, I want you to keep this quiet...

...I have been having a few nightmares lately, especially a recurring one where I think the health world is being manipulated by a multi-billionaire bad guy.

In my dream-like state I have a vision of a major business mogul sitting in his hidden cave, surrounded by high tech machinery,
computers and satellite control systems with the whole world at his mercy.

Heís the perfect Bond villain Ė making Spectre look like a bunch of cub scouts.

But there is a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to him and he hasnít noticed, so Iím on to him...

...Back in the real world and away from all this new Bond film hype there are reasons why I am having concerns.

For some time I have been shaking my head in amazement as the news has rolled out one unbelievable story after another...

...Manufacturers of high sugar confectionary and drinks get recruited to advise the government on health matters Ė no one says anything...

...A major report about the damaging impact sugar has on health gets buried and the powers that be deny all knowledge. The worlds' press tut but there is no outcry...

...The NHS is given thrupípence to run on, the doctors told they have to work 70 hour weeks and GPs have their pay cut, and again the world stands muted...

Just think about similar stories you have heard over the past year and begin to put them together and you will see a pattern emerging.

Common sense, public protection and learned wisdom are being ignored and destroyed at every turn.

But who is gaining from all of this?

The new world order shows its hand

If we are all agreed that the decisions being made and legislation enforced arenít doing a jot of good for the general population, we have to consider who may be benefitting.

One thing that is confusing me is that it canít be the government themselves because they end up carrying the cost of the aging populationsí failing health.

So who is directing operations?

Well the obvious ones would be the pharmaceutical industry because as we become less able to look after ourselves they ride in on a white charger and deliver the healing elixirs from their laboratories.

But that seems too obvious (although a strong possibility it has to be said).

Next are the companies with massive interests in global food production who want to be able to license and control all products that we consume.

By creating the dependence of the entire world on their products they effectively have us by the stomachs Ė if we can no longer prepare our own food, donít have the rights to grow it and have lost our understanding about what good food is, then we become subdued and will happily buy their pre-prepared gloop.

Finally my dreaming logic suggests that the arch enemy is someone from a completely different planet who wants to destroy all life on earth in order to achieve their evil plans...

...usually it is at this point I wake up in a sweat.

Who is the evil genius plotting in their hidden lair? How will I, a fifty year old father of three, defeat them without the technology of Q Branch to back me up?

Itís a waking nightmare dilemma...

...Then I hear the news this week and bizarrely it cheers me up.

Someone has declared that bacon, ham and sausages are as dangerous as cigarettes and asbestos when it comes to giving me cancer.

I can breathe easily.

There clearly is no evil plan, the warped genius was a figment of my imagination Ė the truth is more a comedy of errors rather than world domination by a mentally fractured tyrant.

The very fact that the World Health Organisation has published a report saying some of my favourite foods are bad for me shows how they have lost the plot, rather than become the servants of an axis of evil.

Of course I could have told this story another way

Apologies if you think Iíve been going on a bit today but I could have reported this news in a flat and increasingly emotional way, however, I think the comedy value of doing it this way was worth the effort (if you didnít think so please donít mail in, I get enough harsh criticism from my family!).

You see the very fact that this report from the WHOís cancer arm, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, has stated that processed meats were to be classified at the same level of danger as radiation and cigarette smoke makes me laugh.

Iíll admit that their findings do shock me slightly, not because I didnít suspect that supermarket sausages and ham were dangerous frauds, but because the WHO has even told us about it.

The problem is though that this report makes no mention of the difference between a locally made, freshly spiced and herb rich sausage and something made from recovered meat slime, packed with salt and sugar.

Cheap mass produced bacon, ham and sausages should be treated with disdain and are not worth entertaining as part of your diet, however, speak nicely to your local butcher or buy from the farm shop and youíll be having a very different experience.

Far from me treating this news with shock and horror I would like to embrace it because it supports something I have long held to be true, but also because it will stop the nightmares...

...for now anyway!

Yours, as always




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