The secret to losing 6lbs in the next month – revealed with our weight loss formula

Sunday 30th December 2012

I have had a truly delightful Christmas, and I hope you all enjoyed your own slice or two of the high life.

Looking over the debris of the various feasts we have enjoyed, I begin to sense that I now need to act in the best interests of my heart – if not the buttons of my clothes.

We all add a little girth over the festive period. and suffer the agonies of bland food and forced route marches to help shift it in the New Year.

But here’s a way to help boost your weight loss programme, and one that will make a difference by the time February comes along.

But before I explain all, please take a look at this report by Dr Michael Sutherland. It’s an open letter to anyone who’s trying to lose weight but hasn’t made it work so far.

Click here to discover the secrets of Dr Sutherland's answer to the challenge of losing weight

As you can see, Dr Sutherland's question is simple and to-the-point...'Who else would like to lose 6lbs in FOUR weeks?'.

In his online report, he reveals a simple formula that could help lower your appetite... reduce blood sugar spikes... help you lose weight faster... and even control your blood pressure.

All you have to do is take an all-natural supplement twice a day with your food.

Normally I would be sceptical about anything that promises that you can lose weight, not until I'd gone through all the details very carefully.

But in this case, it is what's IN this supplement that gets me flushed with excitement.

You see, this is something very dear to my heart.

I spent 6 months of this year locked in my study writing about this subject. Not only that, this natural remedy was instrumental in me losing a stone of excess weight a few years ago.

So I've got very strong opinions on this.

What’s more, I have encountered thousands of years’ worth of anecdotal evidence for this remedy. You could even say, I’ve ‘written the book’ on this subject!

That’s right, a few years ago I sat down and wrote the Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Miracle: 129 Easy Ways to Lose Weight, Beat Disease and Feel Ten Years Younger.

It describes how honey, garlic and vinegar have been used for centuries as potent natural remedies.

The part that always gets most attention is the role that they can play in a managed weight loss programme though, and that’s where these formulated capsules help make a difference.

But don’t just take my word for it.

A reader reveals her weight loss 'honey secret'

One reader writes:

“I'm indebted to you for the weight loss from the honey, garlic and vinegar capsules. Weight had slipped on through the menopause. It wouldn't shift by the usual cutting-down methods and exercise, which had always worked in the past.

“Over a period of 18 months I spoke to my doctor, a dietician and a herbalist, read widely and tried some ideas from other companies. What I was looking for was a way-of-life diet so the weight would go off and stay off and I would be eating healthily as well.

“But it was the honey, garlic and vinegar capsules that actually worked and shifted much of the excess weight.

“I have gone back to my original size in clothes, I feel very well and it's been a huge boost to my confidence. Furthermore the weight has stayed off.

“I also eat differently now and often include honey, garlic and cider vinegar in a meal.”

Wonderful stuff.

As well as high-quality honey, garlic and vinegar in exactly the right amounts, these capsules include a special blend of active herbal ingredients.

These little extras will help ease your digestive processes, flush away toxins, and reduce inflammation in your kidney, stomach and bladder.

You can order them here for a risk-free trial: If you haven’t lost 6lbs in 28 days, get your money back

As with all the remedies I recommend in The Good Life Letter, you MUST test this out for yourself.

I'm of the opinion that you should never have to pay for something until you have absolute proof that it works for you.

After my outburst on the Friday before Christmas about proof and evidence, I hope you understand what I mean by finding out about something working for you.

I've been screaming till I'm blue in the face about the fact that governments and mainstream health organisations refuse to accept that something works unless there's a mountain of paperwork that says it does.

But I STILL believe that for every health dilemma out there, there's a natural way to deal with it, or combination of ways, that can beat it.

I’m not easily led though, and I want to see the evidence with my own eyes before I introduce anything to the Good Life Letter readers.

I know that there's a big difference between being open-minded to the power of natural remedies and believing that they can help protect us against illness, and claiming outright that something can CURE an illness.

I know these capsules will make a difference because they contain three powerful natural compounds that I talk about all the time, and because I think they can do us the world of good.

They will:

• Give your metabolism a boost and help lower your blood pressure

• Ease your digestive system and help it neutralise the effects of fatty foods

• Control your appetite and avoid those after-meal blood sugar crashes

• Increase your energy and sense of wellbeing

• Help you slim faster than ever before - and train your body to KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF.

New Year's resolutions

As you sit down with the pen and paper to draw up your resolutions for the year, don’t forget to take a bit of help where you can.

All the details are here: HGV FORMULA

Well it just remains for me to wish you all the very best for 2013.

Raise a glass of your preferred tonic and let’s give thanks that we are still here.

With any luck I'll be back in a more relaxed mode next week. Either that or I'll get the family cold and it will be MY turn to sup on honey, lemon and ginger tea while steaming my face in vinegar. Ah, that's the good life!

Yours, as always







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