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Want to end back pain? Do this in your bath… 

The Good Life Letter

31st January 2010

  • Aches, pains and injuries are inevitable... but they don't
    have to last long with these remedies

  • Want to end back pain? Do this in your bath...

  • PS: Want to know what I've been
    obsessing about over the past few weeks...?
    Check this out...

When is it going to sink in that I'm not going to be the
next Ryan Giggs?

The answer is probably never. Of course I don't sit by the
phone waiting for a call up to the Welsh football team or
for Alex Ferguson to plead with me to squeeze into a kit
and hoof it up to Old Trafford.

No, I gave up waiting for those particular calls a long
time ago. Nowadays I go out like a normal person and
just listen to the answerphone when I get in.

But whenever the opportunity arises, I STILL can't help
trying to take the ball round fifteen players (even though
there are only eleven on the opposite side) and scoring
with an overhead kick.

I mean, you never know... a professional football scout
might just happen to be walking his dog in our local park.
It's POSSIBLE, isn't it?

Anyway, the latest episode of me trying to be the 'new
Maradona' happened yesterday. The kids were driving
me crazy with an impromptu game of Avatar (it's
amazing what you can do with curtains, two bits of wood
and some blue paint), so after I'd cleaned up before Lara
saw the mess, I bundled them into coats and took them up
the park for a knockabout.

And that's when the trouble began...

Aches, pains and injuries are inevitable... but they
don't have to last long with these remedies

When I got to the park I realised something...

I wasn't the only Dad up there showing off his football

And that's when it got competitive.

It wasn't long before we'd formed two teams on the
pretence that we were playing with the kids. But as the
game wore on, the passes to the children got rarer and

I mean, I REALLY wanted to win.

After forty minutes of serious running around, they won
17-12. Although I had at least three clear goals
disallowed because they other team reckoned the ball had
hit the post.

Sorry, I mean bundled up coat.

But in the spirit of showing my children that it's the
taking part that counts, I congratulated the winners
through gritted teeth then sulked for the rest of the day.

Not a serious sulk you understand, more a low-level
sulk... shrugging when my son asked me if I wanted some
of his sweets - that sort of thing.

And after a while, all was forgotten - until the evening,
when I tried to get out of my chair to go and make a cup
of tea.

It felt like I'd pulled every muscle in my body.  My legs,
my arms, even my neck was aching like crazy.

And my back...! Luckily my sciatica hadn't flared up
again (because I could still move without crying), but it
was seriously stiff.

So, later that night, I followed a remedy that I use
whenever my back even hints that it might cause me

Want to end back pain? Do this in your bath...

- Create your own hydrotherapy centre! Agatha
Thrash, M.D., a medical pathologist and co-founder
and co-director of Uchee Pines Institute in Alabama,
suggests that a simple shallow bath can work wonders
on the pain - but you MUST use a certain sequence. 
Fill your bathtub with enough warm water to cover
the lower part of your back, then soak for 20 minutes.
After the bath, get in the shower and douse yourself
with the warm temperature water, gradually turning it
cool. The muscles in your lower body will expand
and contract and the nerve that's causing the
problems could loosen up.

Here are a few more simple remedies to keep the pain at

- Get eating bananas! Bananas are rich in potassium,
and large amounts of potassium seem to have helped
some sufferers. Exactly why potassium helps is one of
life's little mysteries, but if it works, why ask
questions! Try loading up on potassium rich foods
such as bananas, oranges and potatoes.

- Try a cup of nettle tea. Nettle has been used for
centuries to treat dozens of ailments, including
sciatica - because active compounds in the leaves
reduce inflammation.

-  Rub the pain away! Lie on your back, with your
lower back supported by pillows. Lift up your leg and
massage along the nerve from the back of the knee
round to the hip. Then repeat going downwards.
Work back and forth across the nerve. Repeat three

- St. John's Wort Oil is said to be an effective
massage oil for relief of sciatica, arthritis and back
pain, so perhaps you can try it with the above tip!

- Freeze it out. Rub an ice cube across any painful area
until the ice cube melts. This will help soothe the

- Ginger. Ginger is the unsung hero of pain relief,
because unknown to many people it contains some
amazing compounds that mimic the effect of aspirin,
but without the potentially harsh effect on your
stomach. To ease the pain, cut a 2 inch chunk off a
fresh ginger root, slice it up and place in 2 cups of
boiling water. Let the root simmer for 30 minutes
(and make sure you cover the pan so the goodness
stays in). Drink when cool. 

- Chamomile tea. This one is has more of a gradual
effect, and works by soothing muscles that tighten up
when pain hits. This releases the tension and helps the
pain ebb away. Drink three cups a day.

- Epsom salts. Another one for the bath tub! Run a
bath and add two cups of Epsom salts. The salts will
help ease the inflammation. Use you muscle pain as
an excuse to have a good long soak for 30 minutes.

- A weird trick with a sock... fill a thick sock with one
cup of uncooked rice and place in the microwave for
60 seconds on medium-low. Test the temperature
with your fingertips to make sure it's not too hot, then
sit down with the sock resting in the small of your

And finally, my best remedy- prevent it from happening
in the first place!

- Keep an eye on your posture. Your ears, shoulders,
and hips should form a straight line with the head up
and stomach pulled in. Okay - this is near impossible
when you're playing football, but standing correctly
day after day helps strengthen the muscles that
support your body, meaning you'll be in better shape
when you are tearing down on goal and only have
local electrician Steve Hegarty to beat.

- Work on your sitting! Chairs should either have
straight backs or low-back support. While sitting, the
knees should be a little higher than the hip, so find
something to put your feet on (a stool, or one of the
kids - only joking!)

- Look after your back in the car. A small pillow or
rolled towel behind the lower back helps relieve
pressure while driving.

Right, that's enough from me for today. I'll let you get
back to your Sunday so you can enjoy a little rest and

I'll be back again next week, with more tips and ideas to
help you get healthy and stay healthy!

PS: Want to know what I've been obsessing about over
the last few weeks...? Take a look at this - I've spent
hours and hours making sure that this is something that
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