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5th November 2010

  • Are you suffering from a touch of the Gareth's?
  •  Getting a sharper focus on life couldn't be any easier
  •  Trial this magnetic bracelet for 90 days and then tell me you don't feel 100% better...

Feeling a bit linty?

Strange question isn't it, but one that accurately describes how so many people feel, especially at this time of year. You know sort of fuzzy, woollen and lacking focus.

In the past I described how my friend Gareth takes to his bed like a Victorian woman with a fit of the vapours whenever he feels a little off colour - well I've just put the phone down from him and he's off on one again.

"Ray......... Ray...... you've just got to believe me I don't think I have ever felt so ill: The room's gone dark (Yes Gareth, the clocks have changed and its pitch black at 5 o'clock now); my breathing is getting really tight (that'll be the cold that you had last week); and my skin is crawling and itchy (and that's what happens when you buy the really cheap washing powder)........ Help me!"

I comfort him with a well aimed tirade of abuse, as only a friend can, and tell him to take his Manuka honey and have a duvet day tomorrow. I think that was what he was after all along - a partner in crime for skiving off work.

"He's just a bit linty", I shout through to Lara.

"It's the amount of time he spends on his computer and on that damned mobile of his more like," she shouts back. Sympathy and Lara are not good friends when it comes to men, "he'll have more static in him than a cheap pair of nylon pants."

The thought of Gareth fizzing and crackling in his pit really made me chuckle - but my dear wife could be onto something here.

During the course of our daily lives we are constantly bombarded with natural and man made radiation.

Our planet has a background hum that becomes more focused in areas where radon gas leaks into our homes, or metallic ores and ground water create stronger magnetic fields.

And of course there's the sun and cosmic rays to deal with as well!

On top of that we have power lines, radio & TV signals, mobile phone radiation and wi-fi bouncing around our bodies.
Even indoors we aren't safe as our TV screens, fluorescent lights and computers conspire to get us!

There's a lot of it out there, and whilst there is no conclusive evidence that it does us any harm.... you do have to wonder whether the whole 'linty' thing may sometimes be due to being magnetically knocked out of balance.

We know how to balance our diet, we understand about getting a bit of R&R in to counteract the effects of daily stress...... but what do we know about electricity, magnetism and radiation?

Probably very little I'm guessing.

The body electric

There is a way to counteract this, but it's one of those things you are going to have to trust me on - it's one of those concepts that virtually everyone accepts exists, but no-one knows quite HOW it works.

Let me explain.

Basically, you can wear your own sentinel against feeling linty - an ally against the impact of radioactive force, and it's something that certainly works for me.

Find out about this remarkable product here.

The concept of the body electric has been fairly popular in the world of music with Rush, the Sisters of Mercy and Fame (delete as appropriate for your own tastes) recording tracks about it, however, there really is an electrical force that each of us have.

The science says that the body generates an electrical charge which causes each of us to carry a magnetic field. This electricity is formed as a result of pressure on our bones and joints creating very low level electrical forces:  The scientists call this a piezoelectric charge.

As our bodies are 60% water, and water is able to carry an electrical current we have a ready made circuit within our cells to build our magnetic field, this is further amplified by the iron which is present in our blood.

Many theories suggest that we suffer if this field is distorted either by outside interference or because our own tissues are damaged; a bit like Superman weakening in the presence of kryptonite.

Don't just listen to me though...

So, I'm introducing you to this fantastic little product purely on the basis that it has worked for me.... but don't just take my word for it, see what others have said:

"Since I suffer from severe rheumatic pain in the left hand, I decided to order an Ionic Bracelet, even though I am very sceptical by nature.  I have been wearing it for a month and have to admit that my pains have completely disappeared"         R.J.

"I have been wearing an Ionic Bracelet for 5 weeks.  The pain in both hips disappeared after 3 weeks. Unbelievable.... and yet...!"                    M.F.

"Wearing the Ionic Bracelet I nearly always sleep until the morning again and feel refreshed like I used to."  No more unexplained tiredness        H.G.

"After a few days the tense muscles in my shoulders and lower back relaxed and after 9 days I no longer suffer from sciatica"                    H.M.

To find out how you can try this astonishing device for 3 MONTHS without obligation, take a look at this

Avoid the linty, 'Garethy' days by trying this amazing product - you really have nothing to lose.

On Sunday I'm going to be looking at piezoelectricity again.... it's a fantastic story.
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