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28th May 2010

  • How you can be persuaded that something bad is 
    good for you...
  • Why it pays to question what's 'good' for your 
  • The biggest marketing fraud of the last century...
    and how it's affecting your health
  • Are you being medicated without realising it?
  • Why you should sprinkle bark over your food. 

My mother-in-law is usually a pretty shrewd woman.

She doesn't really bother with big brands when a
cheaper brand does exactly the same job...

She makes do and mends like nobody else I know...

And she absolutely NEVER wants the latest 'must-
have' item... whether it's a new 'breakthrough'
shampoo or a new type of cat food that gives pets
magic powers.

But there was one time when she was totally wrong

How you can be persuaded that something bad is
good for you...

A few years ago, my mum-in-law was visited by a
smart young man (her words), who demonstrated a new
wonder vacuum cleaner that was incredible.

He poured soot all over her carpet then in one swoosh it
was gone.

He threw wine on the floor, flipped the setting on the
vacuum, and cleaned up the mess in an instant.

I think there was even a time travel button on it but I
forget now.

Anyhow, these two chatted for over an hour, after
which my mum-in-law bought the vacuum.

And she was as pleased as punch with her purchase
until the rest of the family came home.

"How much?" my father-in-law asked with a dry throat
as she told him the cost of the thing.

"Four hundred pounds," she repeated, "But look what it

And she ran through the various functions it dawned on
her that it did nothing more than any decent vacuum.

Except it cost more. A LOT more.

It's no lie to say that 'the vacuum cleaner' is never
mentioned when she's in earshot. Because she knows
that she was persuaded that this was something that
would make her life so much better - when it did
nothing of the sort.

Which brings me on to this little tale...

Why it pays to question what's 'good' for your

When Alan Johnson was Secretary of State for Health,
he proudly announced that the government would make
£42 million available to Health Authorities looking to
fluoridate their water supply.

He believes that adding fluoride to people's drinking
water will help prevent tooth decay.

But guess what?

There's NO reliable evidence that fluoride protects your
teeth. And plenty of evidence to suggest it's actually
BAD for them.

Hang on, I hear you say.

If that's true, then why is my dentist, the toothpaste
manufacturers and even the government saying fluoride
is good for you?

The answer may shock you. It certainly did me.
Because it's all down to the crazed, ingenious
marketing scam of one US company over 60 years

The biggest marketing fraud of the last century...
and how it's affecting your health

Back in the 1940s, the Aluminum Company of America
(ALCOA) had a problem...

Its smelting process was polluting the atmosphere with
fluoride waste and causing dental fluorosis. This is
where people's teeth become brown and mottled - not a
good look.

Not surprisingly, people were suing Alcoa for damages
- and winning.

Alcoa quickly found a way to capture the waste before
it escaped into the atmosphere- but then they had
another problem. What to do with all this waste

Their solution was so audacious, so utterly outrageous,
it should be cited as one of the most daring and cynical
marketing campaigns ever.

Alcoa decided to promote the idea that adding fluoride
to the water supply would actually benefit people's

Yes that's right - they wanted to get rid of their toxic
industrial waste by putting it in the water supply. All
they had to do was convince everyone it was a great

I can just imagine the Alcoa boss being pitched this
idea and responding with "It's crazy, but it just might
work." And then laughing maniacally while stroking his
white Persian cat.

Alcoa knew they had to come up with some evidence to
back their outlandish claim. Several heavily biased,
incomplete experiments later...

They'd actually pulled it off.

The US Public Health Service backed the idea 100
percent and even donated $10 million to other countries
so they too could promote fluoridation.

Cue more maniacal laughter and cat-stroking.

And guess what...?

63 years on and there's still NO conclusive evidence
that fluoride prevents tooth decay.

Back in 2000, the UK government commissioned York
University to review ALL the evidence around the
world from the last 50 years and work out once and for
all whether fluoride was good for us or not.

Here's what the York Review concluded:

  • All the evidence was sub-standard, open to bias and 
    therefore it was not possible to conclude anything.
  • The effect of fluoridation ranged anywhere from a 
    substantial benefit to a slight 'disbenefit' to 
    children's teeth.
  • Any beneficial effect came at the expense of an 
    increase in fluorosis (mottled teeth).

Yet even when the scientists effectively tell the
government to stop promoting fluoridation, the
government goes ahead and does it anyway!

That's the frightening power of good marketing. Even
science can't touch it.

No wonder leading scientists are calling fluoridation a

Are you being medicated without realising it?

Six million of us Brits have already had our water

Which raises another question...

Did anyone ever ask us whether we wanted to be
medicated like this?

It's a basic human right to be able to refuse medication.
So why are the authorities doing what no ethical doctor
would ever do and medicating people without their

And if they're going to do something so unethical,
couldn't they at least get the science right?

Until those in charge wake up and admit that
fluoridation is based on junk science, I'm afraid we just
have to protect ourselves from their stupidity.

Why you should sprinkle bark over your food

Whether you're in a fluoridated area or not, these steps
will help protect your teeth.

- Buy fluoride free toothpaste. Supermarkets are
  already beginning to stock these but you can find them
  in health food shops for sure.

- Eat well. After all, tooth decay is caused by bacteria
  which are fed by sugary foods. So avoid the sugar if
  you can. And if you can't...

- Substitute sugar with Xylitol. Made from birch bark,
  this natural sweetener actually prevents and even
  reverses tooth decay. Some toothpastes have it but you
  can also get it on its own. Health food shops stock it - if
  yours doesn't, ask them to order it for you. Add it to
  drinks, sprinkle over food and you have a guilt-free
  alternative to sugar.

- Look after your teeth. Obvious but needs saying.
  Brush twice a day, floss daily and visit your dentist
  twice a year. And take this article with you in case he or
  she starts waxing lyrical about fluoride.


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