Ever felt out of sorts? This will amaze you...

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22nd November 2009

  • What do you do when you can't quite put a
    finger on what's wrong...?
  • The amazing gizmo that no one EVER thinks will
    work. Then they try it...
  • Want more reasons why you should try this...?

Remember Friday...?

What am I thinking... of course you do. It was the
day before Saturday and the day after Thursday.
See, who says I didn't learn anything at school?
(Yes, I'm talking about YOU Mr Sanderson!)

Anyway, in Friday's letter I talked about
fibromyalgia - a painful ailment that doctors are
still trying to get to the bottom of.
Some think it's a physical condition, some think
it's caused by stress and mental issues (and
there's a fair bit of evidence that backs this up).

But because the causes are not fully understood,
this problem (like so many others), can often be
filed under '?' and left alone.

Of course, no doctor would ignore the symptoms.
But because the cause is a grey area, the
treatments are a real mixed bag. Some doctors
may plump for anti-depressants to tackle the
problem, others may be happy to try alternative

Basically, it seems to be one of those ailments
that dealt with by a 'whatever works for you'
attitude. And sometimes, that's the only way

What do you do when you can't quite put a
finger on what's wrong...?

What's the first thing you do when you feel 'not
quite right'?

Well, if you're like my friend Gareth, you'll sprawl
over the sofa CONVINCED that you're dying.
Seriously, if he gets a headache he's off to the
doctors practically forcing his head into a CAT

But if you're a normal person, you'll probably try
and let it wear off. You'll drink a few more herbal
teas, eat well, drink water, and see what happens.

If you're still 'not right' you'll probably go to the
doctor (or in Lara's case you'll be dragged to the
doctors with your nails digging up furrows in the
tarmac like Wile E. Coyote when he slowly falls
down a 1000ft cliff).

You'll explain your symptoms (which might be a
tad general, like not sleeping well, feeling
irritable, suffering from a muzzy head etc), and
after a quick check to make sure nothing serious
is wrong, you'll be sent on your way with some
advice like 'try and get some rest' or 'tell Ray to
help out around the house more'. (Hey - it just
occurred to me that Lara may have made that last
one up).

But still, the sense of feeling 'not quite right' stays
with you. I'm sure this sensation is something
we've all experienced. 'Under the weather', 'out
of sorts'... there are a dozen different ways to
describe this.

Personally, I call it feeling 'a bit Gareth'.

And more often than not, it's filed under '?' next
to all those other ailments that can't be easily
explained or tackled.

But now there's something you can do to stop
feeling 'not quite right'...

The amazing gizmo that no one EVER thinks will
work. Then they try it...

Like I said, we all feel 'not quite right' from time
to time, and it's no wonder...

Modern life can be pretty stressful, even when
nothing in particular is happening. 

Longer work hours, less job security, the banking
crisis, worrying about pensions... these things may
not affect you every single day, but they can
causes a low-level stress that constantly nags at
you, like an annoying hum.

Then there are the technological advancements...
mobile phones, wireless internet, LED strip
lighting... even if there's been no study that
proves conclusively that these things harm us, I
wouldn't be surprised if they affected us
SOMEHOW. I mean, we're bombarded by these
invisible waves CONSTANTLY.

Not natural is it? And not something a doctor can
easily diagnose.

But I've found something that... well if I'm honest
with you, defies explanation. But put simply, it
seems to 'correct' the natural balance of your
body and puts right all the little things that make
you feel 'not quite right'.

Everything you need to know is right here. I warn
you, this is going to sound a little kooky, but as a
Good Lifer you're broadminded enough to give
this a chance. So have a read:


This may not look like much. Certainly not
something that can iron out a lot of life's little
kinks, but I can tell you - from firsthand
experience - this works.

Well, works for me at least.

And that's why I think EVERYONE should give this
a go, because you never know what will work for
you until you try something.

Want more reasons why you should try this?

After testing this out for himself, a Stanford
Professor Emeritus of Science said

"I want to tell the whole world about this. The
device should be available to all sufferers on the
National Health. Thank You! Thank You! Thank

And he's not the only person who thinks this is
unlike anything else they've tried:

"From the moment I open my eyes, it's rock and
roll. I wake up more refreshed, ready to go
training, and I don't feel tired at all. Generally, I do
feel like I have more energy - and I've got nothing
to gain for saying this. It's given me a healthier

Jeremy Guscott, England Rugby
International/Television Presenter

"I compete in marathons, triathlons and iron-man
events. My recovery from training is slow and I
suffer from fatigue after working a 9 hour day in
front of a computer. Since wearing my Q-Link I
have never recovered from training so quickly and
my energy has really improved. I recommend
everyone try a Q-Link."

Wayne Keet, GB Athlete 

"I was given a Q-Link about two years ago when I
was suffering from frequent headaches. My job
entails sitting behind two screens all day and I
was taking in excess of 12 Nurofen a week. I was
also feeling very tired and run down... I must
confess to having been sceptical at best about the
Q-Link, but thought I would give it a try as there
seemed little downside. Since starting to wear the
Q-Link, I have had only one headache and am
rarely without it. I cannot pretend to understand
how it works but work it does."

Ben Wallace, Investment banker

To find out how you can try this astonishing
device for 3 MONTHS without obligation, take a
look at this:


Sometimes you can feel out of sorts without ever
knowing why. It happens to all of us. Well, at last,
here's something that can tackle this
'inexplicable' problem, giving you more energy,
more focus, more drive and more get up and go.

Try it. You'll be amazed.

That's it for today. I'll be back again next week
with more tips and advice to help you enjoy the
good life!

Till then,

Yours as ever,

Ray Collins
The Good Life Letter

PS: If you don't try this you'll never know how
good this could make you feel. And as you can try
it without risking a penny, there's no excuse!






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