The vitamin that switches on your swine-flu

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12h February  2009

  • The shocking source of so many remedies

  • What my exclusive new guide reveals about disease

I don't usually feel sorry for plumbers

Especially not when they've just charged me 70GBP for lying
under a U-bend for ten minutes, eating a sandwich.

But I had to make an exception this Monday.
My plumber, James, popped over to take a look at our
central heating.

Now normally I'd expect to hear lots of things like
'Hmmmm.... oh dear... that looks complicated... I'll have to
import the parts from the Moon to fix that'....

All rounded off with 'It'll cost ya!'

But this was the quietest plumber I've EVER seen. And he
looked dreadful.

Not only that, he felt dreadful too. In fact I caught him on
his first day back after a week off work (which is rare for
him), including a two day spell in bed, totally zonked.

His wife had been in the same boat as well (although being
a woman she still managed to cook the dinners, clean the
house and build a five-story detached house without
complaint), and - more worryingly for him - his six month
old, Wilf, had caught the bug as well.

After a check up by his GP, he was told that they might
well have all caught swine flu - something that
immediately alarmed him due to the shrieking, alarmist
coverage this subject has attracted over the past few

But he was told by his doctor he SHOULDN'T be alarmed.
In most cases, the body will fight off the virus and right
itself after a few days, as James and his wife both proved.

But, due to the nature of our good old-fashioned
scaremongering press, the minute someone sneezes now the
whole room goes quiet before everyone reaches for their
phones to dial 999.

Of course, if you feel ill it's always worth checking things
out with your GP, just like James did. But people's health
fears wouldn't be half as bad if the mainstream press stuck
to reporting rather than stirring up a frenzy.

I mean, it's funny how quiet it's gone now that Swine flu
HASN'T erupted globally and killed BILLIONS.

Wonder why that is eh?

Anyway, as James was looking so poorly (and because I
wanted a good deal on his quote), I gave him something
that could well protect him from the dreaded swine flu, and
a whole host of other ailments...

The shocking source of so many remedies

I've mentioned this before, but as this is something I'm so
proud of I thought I'd tell you about it again.

In the months leading up to Christmas, I slaved (yes -
slaved!) over a brand new exclusive guide that's jam-
packed with dozens of powerful, natural, safe remedies that
you can find in everyday foods...

Including the vitamin that 'switches on' your swine flu

I'll tell you exactly what this vitamin is and how you can
get more of it into your diet.

And that's just the start...

Seriously, you won't believe what I've discovered while
researching this book. I'm not saying that these remedies
have been purposefully kept from you, but there are some
truly astounding ways you can protect yourself from
serious illness through the use of everyday foods.

Like this one for example...

Even though it's rarely reported, I discovered the truth
behind a food that experts now admit DOES have the
potential to defend the body against cancer, arthritis and

According to breakthrough research this single ingredient
could help ease the pain of sore joints and muscles....
tackle one of the key suspected causes of Alzheimer's... 
and lower your risk of colon, breast, prostate, gullet and
lung cancer.

In my new book I'll show you why this spice works, what
the evidence reveals... and some easy recipes that will help
you get this nutrient into your diet.

Full details are here, so take a look

What my exclusive new guide reveals about disease

Really, take a few minutes to click on the link and have a
look at the website I've built that explains what this guide
is all about, how it can help you feel better and grow
healthier day by day, and what you can expect to discover...
including over 30 recipes to try out, and 73 healing
ingredients, some of which will amaze you.

But what I can add here is that if you like reading The
Good Life Letter
each week, then this is a must for your
shelves... or as a gift for friends in need... or as the perfect 
kitchen shelf recipe book...

As well as extraordinarily simple ways you can tackle joint
pain, cancer and Alzheimer's, you'll discover....

  • The seafood that eases joint pain.

  • The natural ingredient that works as well as a cox-

  • The fruit that relieves asthma.

  • The spice that can stop a heart attack.

  • The garden weed that cleans your liver.

  • The tea that prevents blood clots.

  • Plus many more amazing natural health secrets the  
    pharmaceutical companies would hate you to know  
Seriously, if you value your health, then this new book is a
must. At the very least you should go to the website and
spend a few minutes having a look - because I wrote this
book with YOU in mind!
However, I want YOU to decide for yourself what you
think of my new opus. So if you're interested in seeing
what my book is all about, you can order it and read it at
home over a 30 day period.

If you're not 100% pleased, delighted, and chuffed to bits
with it, then no problem, my publisher will give you a full
refund. But I'm willing to bet you'll be more than chuffed
with it. In fact I think you'll come to regard it as one of the
most valuable health guides you'll ever own.

You can order a copy for a 30 day review here

Please - at least take a look at this. I'll be amazed if you
don't find at least ONE remedy that helps make your life
that little bit better.

That's me done for today. I'll be back on Sunday with more
news, gossip, tips and ideas to help you protect (and enjoy)
your health.

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