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4th June 2010

  • It's all in the mind
  • The BIG problem with fibromyalgia...
  • 4 remedies for you to try

Here's a story that outlines the problems with mainstream

I had a friend, Mick, popped round for a quick bite to eat.

I even did the cooking.

Well all right, it was only a bacon sarnie (or 'bacon
rested on a nest of bread with a 'pool' of tomato ketchup'
if we'd eaten in a posh restaurant).

Still, we filled our stomachs, wet our whistles, and had a
good pre-match natter, mainly about rugby and football...

Apart from this little tale...

It's all in the mind....

Mick has a friend who'd been off work for about a year.

This friend - let's call him Tom - can barely get out of
bed in the mornings.

When he does, it's all he can manage to get dressed. In
fact, he might have a little sleep afterwards to

Once he's up, he frequently comes under attack from
light-headedness, dizzy spells, and severe panic. In fact
it gets so bad, that on occasion he has to get down on his
hands and knees and crawl from one side of the room to
another, just to reach the phone or leave the room.

Naturally, this condition has crippled his life.

He can't work, he rarely goes out (and is ALWAYS driven by
a friend), and he's at his wits' end.

He's been to see doctor after doctor after doctor... who
after dozens of tests and checks and consultations, write
him off with the same diagnosis...


But in effect, all they're really doing is admitting they
can't find what's wrong with him.

This illness isn't life-threatening, he's basically healthy,
all the tests come back normal (or in an acceptable range of
abnormal), so they give up, and put him a broad band of
'dunno what that is' illnesses, and label it ME.

Job done.

Except it hasn't helped Tom one jot.

And hearing this story reminded me of another illness that's
written off and put in the same health
'lost property box'...

The BIG problem with fibromyalgia...

Fibromyalgia is not life threatening, not contagious, and
not well understood, but the symptoms can cause sufferers
years and years of pain...

The muscles fibres can feel like they're on fire, joints can
feel inflamed, it can hurt when you touch things, and much
like a lot of unexplained illnesses, you can suffer from
severe fatigue.

And that's not all...

Sleep can be disturbed, and you can suffer from a lack of
mental sharpness, or 'brain fog' as it's cutely called.

And you can guess what the mainstream reaction to this is
can't you...?

If there's a problem with mental sharpness and alertness -
then it's a mental problem.

Basically, it's all in the mind.

That theory is supported by fact that traumatic events can
often trigger fibromyalgia... car accidents, major surgery,
even recovering from another major illness can all start it

And so, because fibromyalgia is not well understood, many
doctors believe the cause is psychosomatic.

That's not to say they don't treat it seriously.

The painful symptoms are all too real - but the minute
something is unexplained, it tends to be thrown in the health
lost property box, and patients can be left no alternative
but to find their own remedies.

Now, at present, there aren't that many options available.

Some sufferers use anti-inflamatories such as ibuprofen to
ease the pain. Others use antidepressants such as
amitriptyline and trazodone to help them sleep.

But these are manmade baddies, and in the case of anti-
depressants and 'hypnotics' (basically sleeping pills), they
can lead to addiction.

So I've been looking for natural remedies that might help.
And this is what I've found:

4 remedies for you to try

- Applying heat to the areas affected can sometimes help
  ease pain - but this is only temporary. Try using a flannel
  soaked in boiling water (as hot as you can stand).

- Using a chiropractioner helps many people. Find one in your
  area through this NHS directory: 

- Use diet and overall wellbeing to fight the problem. This
  is something I bang on and on about, but I really believe
  looking after yourself (both physically and mentally) can
  help combat a whole host of ailments - so why should
  fibromyalgia be any different? Eat fresh, LOCAL foods, try
  and sleep at regular times (even if you don't feel like it),
  get walking and get your heart pumping... these are the
  basics for overall good health.

- Gingko Biloba - I've mentioned this tons of times too, but
  I'm always happy to give something this good more publicity.
  Ginkgo leaves contains flavonoid glycosides and terpenoids,
  and has been used for centuries to sharpen the memory and
  help fight vertigo and dizziness.

As per usual, ALWAYS check with your doctor before embarking
on any natural remedy. 




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