A miniature breakthrough for joint and muscle pain

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21st May 2010

  • Introducing a pain-relief treatment the size of a
    pocket torch!
  • How to tackle pain without drugs and surgery
  • If you're suffering joint or muscle pain then here's
    how to trial this device without risking your money:

You can imagine all sorts of secret shenanigans going on behind
the iron curtain in the mid-20th Century.

As well as the space race there were all kinds of things that Russia
was racing to develop ahead of the USA.

One of the most bizarre was the investigations into telepathy.
Russia spent 40 years in a secret race with the USA to develop
'esp' as way of spying, controlling others, and even fighting wars.

A scientist called V. M. Bekhterev, conducted a series of tests
where he attempted to establish a telepathic connection between
man... and dog.

With hindsight, then, this one was never going to lead to a big

But other projects were more successful...

One of the more conventional avenues of research was into pain
relief. Although when I say 'conventional', at the time it was seen
as being as barmy as telepathy.

It was the scientists behind the iron curtain who first trialled
something  called 'Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy'.

It works like this...

You apply electrical energy to injured tissue on the body. This
sends a series of magnetic pulses through this injured tissue. Each
pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates the cells into
repairing themselves.

And unlike their telepathy experiments, this worked... for muscle
pain, injuries, joint pain... you name it.

The therapy was used Eastern Europe for decades, but didn't get
on the radar of the US Food and Drug Administration until the late
1990s. After rigorous tests in the USA, this form of pain relief was
embraced by the mainstream.

The only drawback?

The machines were big, expensive, and could only be used by
This meant that ordinary folk couldn't get easy access to pulsed
electromagnetic field therapy.

Now things have changed...

In the same way as computers went from being the size of a house
to the size of a mobile phone... so too have electromagnetic
therapy machines 'shrunk in the wash' over the years.

Today I want to introduce you to one that's the size of a pocket
torch. It's available now for a home trial - which means you either
get PROVEN results, or your money back. Click here to take a


How your body can heal itself

If you're suffering any kind of pain... shoulder, neck, knee or back
pain... joint pain, muscle pain... carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive
strain injury, muscle cramps... or you get chronic niggles and
twinges anywhere on you body, then you should give this a go.

Painsolv is a compact class 2a medical device that sends pulses
of electromagnetic energy directly to the place where you feel the

It restores normal cell function, increases oxygen absorption and
accelerates the removal of toxins. Your body floods the area with
nutrients and naturally starts the process of treating the damaged

This way your body is encouraged to heal itself.

You can even reduce stress

And there's a surprising use for this therapy - it can help relieve
stress, insomnia, migraine, and sleep disorders...

There's plenty more information about this on the Painsolve
website. Plus feedback like this:

"I am 73 years old and have suffered with arthritis in my knees for
the past 4 years. I bought a Painsolv unit and after using it for less
than a week I was amazed that I can now, for the first time in 4
years, walk down the 9 steps at my golf club without pain in my
knees and without holding onto the hand rail. I am overjoyed with
this product and I would thoroughly recommend it."
Mr Eden, Birmingham

But in my view, the best way to find out if this works for you is to
trial it at home.

On the website you can order it and try it at home for 60 days.
That's a very fair trial period in my opinion. You will have enough
time to see proof of the results.

Click here and see all the details of this offer:


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