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12th November 2010

Last weekend our street resembled a World War Two movie. Complete with explosions, flashing lights and rockets screaming overhead.

When I was a kid bonfire night fireworks consisted of a few fizzy things that blew out coloured flames, a rocket which managed to barely clear the trees before falling back to earth and, if you were lucky, a three shot roman candle.

In just one hour last Friday I counted 237 separate explosions, most of which turned the black of night into brilliant daylight and rattled the windows in my conservatory. I was convinced that one of the houses down from me had taken a consignment of military grade mortars to launch bags of TNT into the sky.

They spent an hour launching fireballs into the night sky, narrowly missing aircraft on their final approach to Bristol airport. I can only imagine how the passengers and crew felt as these pyrotechnic packages exploded around them in huge chrysanthemum blooms of flame.

From the ground it looked truly spectacular, and I can only liken the sound to a Motorhead concert spent with your head stuck to the speaker stack.

In a very visceral way I did enjoy it.

I'm not sure that my beloved canine companion shared my opinion though! I found her trembling, with her head poking out from behind the armchair, looking pleadingly at me to make it all stop. I tried my best to comfort her, but there was only so much that a handful of biscuits and a consoling word could do as I stroked her ears.

With each fresh wave of the maelstrom outside my dear old friend shrank further and further into the carpet.

So, it was with a desire to cheer her up that we set off for a good long walk the next day - and it looked like the Gods were on our side as the weather brightened into a perfect autumnal day, crisp and clear.

I pulled on my new walking boots and stepped into the mid morning air with only the faintest lingering smell of black powder and sulphur tingeing the morning breeze.

For many years I used a pair of walking boots which had become almost like a second skin, painstaking hours of feeding the leather with Dubbin leaving them as soft as slippers.

But, having lasted a mere 25 years, they finally gave up the ghost.

So I've been breaking in a new pair of boots, gradually increasing the distance I cover and choosing more challenging routes to get the leather working. I may have overdone it on this last outing though.

I mean I know we all get sore feet after a long day, right?

But, after the dog de-stressing walk in my new boots, I hobbled the last mile home like a man three times my age. My feet were blocks of pure pain - aching just wasn't in it.

The healing power of a hot bath and a joint bomb certainly helped that night, but the next morning it seemed like every pair of shoes I owned had a pebble beach for an insole.

Salvation through custom built sheep technology.... no REALLY

After a morning of research (and moaning like a baby) I now know that the pain is caused by an inflammation of the metatarsal bones of my foot and is usually a sign that my shoes aren't doing enough to help support the arches, or are just too hard underfoot. Luckily, I think I've also found a saviour product, properly supportive but comfortable insoles - real leather too!

These one of a kind devices are made to help cushion the foot, and spread your body weight out evenly, so it makes them ideal for anyone suffering from metatarsalgia, corns, bunions, calluses, flat feet and a whole host of foot problems. Check them out here

Specifically designed out of soft sheep leather they are able to adapt to your feet so they automatically become a custom fit just for you - and I have to say within the first 10 minutes of wearing them on Wednesday I began to appreciate just how effective they were.

Today I set out on another walk with my loyal friend padding along by my side; waiting for the dull ache to begin under my foot. But, it never came, just a sensation of walking across a soft duvet. Bliss.

So if you are suffering from aching, tired or just plain painful feet, try these remarkable insoles - they aren't available in the shops, but do come with a full 90 day money back guarantee... what have you got to lose? Try them here

You might want to grab a pair now before you set off on your Christmas shopping expeditions. I know from bitter experience, that following my wife around for hours on end in search of the perfect handbag/kitchen bin/present for someone she doesn't even like can be murder on my poor feet!

I'll be back on Sunday, with a few more dog walking days behind me.... her nerves are beginning to settle now, at least she has stopped leaping out of her skin if a car door closes.

That Guy Fawkes has a lot to answer for.... and you can add my painful feet and tortured dog to his list of heinous crimes!

P.S I've just noticed that the insoles are currently on offer - get one pair free with every pair ordered and that's on top of the 90 day money back guarantee!

P.P.S. - Judith in customer services has just called to tell me that the Rosemary Joint Bombs are back in stock. My apologies to everyone who's been waiting. I had no idea so many of you were in need of a good soak! Theses new ones have just been freshly manufactured for us - grab them while you can. The Peppermint ones are being made as I speak, so hope to have them out to you next week.

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