"Let me show you how to enjoy a longer, healthier life... without living like a saint!"

My name is Ray Collins. I am a health writer and author of The Lemon Book: Mother Nature's Cure-All For Everyday Problems and The Honey Garlic and Vinegar Miracle (both available to order on this website).

If you've enjoyed the articles on this website you'll love my email advice service, called The Good Life Letter. Twice every week I send out an email packed with little-known ways to protect yourself from disease, recover quickly from illness, and boost your energy. Itís completely free, and rammed full of ideas. You'll hear about natural remedies from around the world, tasty foods that can prevent disease, and breakthrough therapies for ailments most doctors write off as 'incurable'.

I donít pull any punches. I'm honest and open about what I believe works, and what doesn't. And I'm not afraid to have a laugh. In my view, feeling good and eating well shouldn't include eating rabbit food and feeling guilty. I'll even show you exciting ways to lose weight without having to starve or give up many of the foods you love - like cheese, wine, red meat and chocolate.

For example, these are some of the gems I've uncovered in the past...

  • How nuts could help you lose weight, fight depression and heart disease, and even lower your levels of bad cholesterol
  • Why putting dill in your dinner could help relieve your irritable bowel syndrome
  • The Japanese diet secret that could help lower the chance of developing prostate disease
  • Why coffee could cure the morning blues and even boost your memory
  • The amazing Chinese mineral lamp that many people believe can relieve the symptoms of joint and muscle pain, stress and skin conditions.
  • How chilli peppers, cherries and peppermint could help relieve back pain
  • The amazing chest-relief remedy discovered in an ancient Transylvanian mine

Iíll also pass on tips and experiences from my readers and contacts, so you get an insight into how real people overcome pain, illness and depression.

Best of all, The Good Life letter is 100% FREE. It's mad, but true.. My letters will cost you nothing. I'll never ask you for a single penny for my twice-weekly emails. There are no strings attached whatsoever. And no hidden catches. Okay, so you may have to put up with some of my terrible jokes, stories, and rants each week. But I hope you'll find my letters as entertaining as they are useful.

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