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Thank you for yet another informative letter. I love the way you present these excellent nuggets in bite-size pieces with a twist of humour - very useful tool for getting a message across. Although I frequently read your missive and think "Yep, knew that" I also have lots of "Oooh, well I never" moments. Excellent.


I find your e-mails sometimes very, very, very funny, but always interesting


Love reading your anecdotes and interesting health news, feel that you and your family are like the friends next door, and you make me laugh! I love your style of writing and good humour. Keep up the good work!


I am much obliged to you for these health notes. New breakthrough stuff and also tha old ones which we can do with being reminded of.


It's refreshing to see that commonsense is not dead after all.


I thought it would be another of the 'buy this buy that' advertising newsletters that are the 'norm' but I was so wrong. Your letters are refreshingly easy to read and feel like you are a real person (which you are of course doh!) but you are down to earth and give information that can be used and is easy for the normal everyday person to access the things you suggest.


I read all your letters, they make me feel good, they give me a boost instead of feeling stuck in the mud


Its the way you write, its just as if we are talking as old friends, I love it…


Your comments and tips (together with great humour) are a pleasure to receive and have proved most useful in my search for a reason (and answer) as to my health problems - which I hope are only temporary!


As time marches on, it is so necessary to take our health seriously and to do whatever we can to offset all the nasties which life throws at us.


As always you have produced another eye-opening Newsletter. How long will it be I wonder before the food manufactures club together and hire a Hit-man to silence you.


Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful knowledge and experiences with me. I have read each of these very interesting Good Life Letter in detail, some more than once and I am now building a healthy file of such valuable information.


Hugely helpful


Thank you very much for your interesting letters. They strike a real chord with me.


I enjoy reading your letters. They are full of things that make absolute sense and jog your memory as to what you should be doing.


Just to say thank you for your letter which I read with interest each time. You write a lot of common sense which I hope people will heed.


I would like to say how interesting and informative your letters are. I am slowly compiling them into an indexed book, so that we have all your tips etc at hand.


Receiving your mail gives me a lift, and I find your topics very interesting.


Thank you for your newsletter re: the Back Life Machine - I purchased one two weeks ago and I can honestly say I have seen an improvement


The information is really interesting. You have a great way of writing.


I finally got my vinegar, honey and garlic book - thanks to you! I actually ordered another one for a friend. She is thrilled to bits.


Thank you for this advice, it is particularly helpful as my mother was diagnosed with dementia two years ago. This has been very useful with some good tips for helping my mother and also to help prevent the same problem occurring with myself…


So informative on the natural way of relieving symptoms


Thank you for your letters, they are always informative and entertaining!


Your Goodlife Letters are brilliant and very witty too!


May I take this opportunity of thanking you for such great and informative reading?


I enjoy your newsletter. It always has some really good and interesting information.


I really enjoy reading your emails. I think you should do a column in a newspaper.


Very interesting,amusing and entertaining all at once!!


I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your letters and find them very informative. You put a lot of time, thought and effort into them and they are so interesting.


I look forward to your letters, which are written with a smile


Keep up the good work Ray - your letter pitches just right - love it!


I would like to take the time to thank you for your wonderful down to earth emails.

Morag Craig

I have just received my first edition of your Newsletter........brilliant!! At last a newsletter where the author speaks English and in an interesting, amusing way.  Congratulations, your newsletter is not only very informative - it is also brilliantly written and so very enjoyable.

Mrs Linda Morris

I have only very recently started to receive your letters but just wanted to say how much I am enjoying them, not only for their therapeutic content but for your obvious wit! I have laughed out loud a couple of times!  That in itself is good for the health.

Shelagh Gibson

Keep up the good work always looking forward to receiving your emails they are full of good information which I have tried with good luck.

Norma Gianotti

I just wanted to say I really appreciate your emails. They often make me laugh (good therapy in itself) and as I'm interested in all things to do with health, I find the content very interesting and relevant. I've also got a couple of your books and have put some of your advice into practice. So thanks and keep up the good work.


I would like to thank you for this newsletter, which gave advice on how to deal with toothache by using salt water. At the time I read it, I was suffering with agonising toothache. I have followed your advice and I'm immediately feeling better. It also worked in getting rid of a sore throat. Thank you!

Louis Radford

I like your messages, they are full of great tips and wear me out just reading them and imagining the effort you put into them.

Joanne Phillips

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